General Chemistry Study Tips

It’s true that most of the time, you thought about chemistry being a challenging subject. College students, especially in, have complained about the same thing, and more students have even said they couldn’t comprehend whatever the subject stands for all that their brains are clogged. It’s not true because some people excel at it. Let me guess you are among the people who do not then. Here are some of the best tips for you to pass general chemistry.

Understand unknown electrons

Chemistry is widely known as the study of constituents of matter. It involves the study of molecules, atoms, and their interaction with one another. If we talk about how molecules and atoms react and interact, we specifically mean electrons. As you learn chemistry, ensure that you keep the electrons in your mind and think about how many of them they are, what they do, and why they do it. You need to have some memorization in general chemistry, but understanding electrons’ work and interaction will reduce the work you need to do during your studying time.

Go through the notes before the lecture

The 10% of students who scored an A in general chemistry tend to read the material before the classroom lectures. Most students in college never try to even read before the lesson. In case you want to score above other students in your class, ensure that you try and go through your notes before the teacher walks into any class, not just chemistry.

Attend every class

Ensure that you attend the lab sessions and attend all the lectures all the time. You may think of this as an obvious thing to do, but it is worth it. If a class or a lab session, you will lag behind your classmate, and all your grades will immensely drop. You have Never to Miss any lecture. In case you missed a session, ensure that your professor knows and also retrieve notes from your fellow students.

Get your notes in an organized way

After getting done with that class or even before the next, ensure that you organize your notes, skim through the textbook to add additional data that you might find missing, and read the notes concerning what is in the book. You can also add some problems from an external text or rewrite the notes to understand them better.

Take practice tests

Trying out practice exams may increase your chances of you bolstering your grades in general chemistry. In case your professor does not give you practice exams, you can browse online and try them out. The best way is to try out with other friends.

Study daily

As an undergraduate, it can be tricky to set aside some free time, especially in college, since you have many things to take care of. It may even get hard to get sleeping or eating time, but if you fail to take some time for your studies, general chemistry will have an alarming toll on you. You can check out 15 minutes every day to go through your notes and make flashcards or work out problems.

Find a study group

There are many benefits when you find a study group since it is a perfect platform to learn various types of study and different methods that your peers use to get through their notes or courses. Must study groups tend to meet regularly, and it drives out procrastination clean from your schedule of study. Studies have shown that when people study with their yes, they learn faster, and also, they can view things from the perspectives of their fellow students.

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