How to Do Your Homework Fast: Motivation Tips for Better Focus

Doing homework is not always fun. It can be tough once in a while when you want to finish your homework fast, but there is just no motivation to carry on. There is always something more fun to do, like playing video games or hanging out with friends and family. Even when you do your homework, you find yourself getting distracted – maybe you’re hungry, your phone is pinging itself to a stupor, or you just want to close all your books and lie down for a while. It happens to everyone.

But here’s the good news, you can erase all of these distractions, learn how to concentrate on homework, and also learn how to get motivated to do homework quickly. Continue reading this article to learn all of this.

Tips to increase your motivation for doing your homework fast

Here are some tips for how to motivate yourself to do homework, increase your concentration, and ensure your homework is finished long before deadlines:

  1. Make a plan and stick to it

Everyone knows that unpleasant feeling of having too much homework to work on. Apart from homework, looking at all that needs to be done at once is usually met with a feeling of laziness and excuses. But there is always an answer to everything, and for homework, it is no different. It is called making a plan.

Before getting all your schoolbooks out, get a pen and paper, get a seat, and write all that you need to do to complete your homework. Write down the timeline, deadlines, and adjoining tasks that you must undertake to finish all assignments. This seems unnecessary, but a plan is never a waste of time. It can save you more time to get on your PlayStation.

With a plan, you will learn how to confidently focus on each task without overthinking and how to focus on homework in a general sense. Remember that plans can be adjusted anyways!

  1. Get help

You will not be the first student (or the last) to get stuck on homework. Also, while it looks like you cannot get past it, it might be because you are famished and need to rest . You can ask questions from your family members and even teachers to clear your confusion. You can also get your homework done for you, for a fee, of course. This might even free up time to do some other homework or other things.

  1. Set goals in units

One thing that helps students is to section their work into small tasks and achievements. Instead of seeing homework as that one huge, never-ending task, see it as a singular task divided into sessions and breaks. Breaks are essential, so you do not zone out during your homework. And to help you, you can reward yourself with something you like, afterward. Just ensure it is what you like and what fills you with happiness. You can also throw a mini party to celebrate your little wins.

  1. Be organized

Organizing your time will surely help you in school and beyond. One way to help yourself in this aspect is to get yourself a planner. This will help you keep track of all your homework, tests, and other events you must attend. You must also watch for when new notes and papers are released. These can be of help and will motivate you to finish homework fast.

  1. Stay positive

Homework should not get you down; it is just an event. Hence, you should always view your homework with a positive attitude – it’s hard, but it’s possible and worth it. See your assignment as something that will make you better; after all, you can only get better at something you repeatedly do. When you see all homework positively, you will find out that homework can be enjoyed. 


Many students ask, “why can’t I do my homework?” It is simply due to a wrong approach in how you see it. Stop seeing homework as a chore and see it as an enjoyable event that gets you the top marks in your class. This will help you find great tips on how to do your homework fast and make it even more fun. Do not forget to celebrate every small win, it’s important!

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